Joanna, this is incredible! So many great points here -- about how (& how NOT) to be a sports parents, about teen boys as big tall babies, about our tendency, as moms, to see & pay attn to things our boys don't, at least not in the same way -- AND such great writing. I felt the rising tension. I deliberately slowed my reading as I was going through, b/c I didn't want my eyes to skip ahead and see what happened; I wanted to experience it with you. It's been (Jen calculates) 5-6? years since I attended a HS baseball game, but your brought it all back. In fact, you brought me back to a *specific game, in a specific place. That's how good your writing is. Brava!

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Ugh, sports. Not sure the benefits always out weigh the costs

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As an un-athletic mom of my own 26 year old tall baby (I love that!), this piece HAD me. My son plays club basketball year round and I truly feel like my role is to be the compassionate commentator who locks eyes with my child, while in my head repeating “deep breaths baby, deep breaths”. I find myself doing it for my kid, his teammates and their opponents! The pressure put on these young athletes is so intense and don’t even get me started on the bully coaching and heckling parents. Just last weekend I witnessed a 4th GRADE (!!!) boy basketball coaches’ screaming match with two sets of parents getting tossed out of the building. How did we get here?

And what does that teach them?

Thanks for shining a light on all of this. ✨✨

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