Joanna Schroeder is a writer, editor and media critic with a focus on raising healthy boys, gender in parenting, family equity and other issues facing women and girls. She serves as Managing Editor at YourTango and has been published in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Cosmo, Redbook, Esquire and more.

She is co-author of the book Talk To Your Boys along with Christopher Pepper, due to be published by Workman Publishing in 2025.

She is also co-host of the podcast Open Relationships: Transforming Together with her boss, Andrea Miller, and featuring expert guests like Dr. Helen Fisher, Dr. Stan Tatkin, Dr. Terrence Real, Marianne Williamson and Drs. Helen LaKelly Hunt & Harville Hendrix. The podcast launches mid-October 2023.

For more, including links to all of her social media, visit her LinkTree.


Zooming Out is Joanna Schroeder’s weekly newsletter; a place for stories, recommendations, and advice about the following:

  • raising emotionally healthy kids

  • issues facing boys & young men today

  • the changing face of masculinity in society and how that affects boys 

  • family equity and marital structure

  • adapting to the new paradigm of women as earners in society…

  • … and how this system drives so many wives and mothers to despair and depression

  • the ways in which we carve our identities into a world that wants moms to disappear into their families

  • anything else that feels relevant to the lives of women and our children 

As time goes on, I will be adding some video content and other types of interactive media.

Welcome, and I hope you stick around. 

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Joanna Schroeder, co-author of Talk To Your Boys & feminist media critic, tries to see the bigger picture on parenting, relationships & family equity while raising teen boys & a toddler girl.


Joanna Schroeder is a writer and media critic focused on parenting, raising healthy boys and family equity. Her work appears in the NYT, The Boston Globe, Esquire and more.